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Menergy Won a Bid for “Coal to Electricity Switch Project”

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On June 14, 2018, the bid results for the government procurement projects regarding clean heating in counties in Changping District were announced: Nanjing Menergy Equipment Ltd. won the bid from among the 103 bidding competitors. It ranked 3rd among the top three in comprehensive scores together with GREE and HAIER and became one of the qualified bid-winning enterprises for the winter of 2018. The total amount of the bid is 6 billion RMB.


Menergy’s ultra low temperature / low temperature air source heat pump unit is specially developed for the heating demand in areas of high latitudes. It has advanced technology such as an enhanced vapor injection system, intelligent dynamic temperature control and high efficiency defrosting. It also uses several of Menergy’s core patents granted in the low temperature air source field.


Since clean heating energy became popular in Northern China in 2014, Menergy has won bids for “Coal to Electricity Switch Projects” in Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi, Tianjin, Neimeng, Northeastern China and Gangsu for 5 years in a row due to its experience in low temperature air source heat pump and product stability. Meanwhile, its high quality customer service contributed to Menergy’s good reputation.. There have been no complaints for the “Coal to Electricity Switch Project” in Beijing for 2 years.


With its technological experience in clean energy and climatic characteristics in northern China, Menergy started R&D in low temperature air source heat pumps back in 2012. Its ultra low temperature products are used in many agricultural projects in high latitudes, and exported to Russia, Ukraine and Armenia.


(Beijing is ready for“Coal to Electricity Switch” )


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