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Menergy Won “Technology Demonstration Award” at the 2018 HCSC Conference

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The 2018 HCSC Conference was held in Tai’an City, Shandong Province between October 10 and 12 . The National HVAC and Comfort Smart Channel Business Conference(HCSC) is an annual event for the HVAC and comfort smart channel business. The conference was co-hosted by the HVAC Commissioner of the China Building Energy Conservation Association, the Ground Source Heat Pump Specialized Committee and the I-media. The Chinese Association of Refrigeration, the China Household Electric Appliance Research Institute, the Real Estate Developers and the Decoration Industry Association and China Smart Home Industry Alliance sponsored the conference.

As the most influential event of its type, HCSC attracted over 1,000 guests. Experts, enterprises and suppliers made presentations on different topics. The conference committee honoured “Top 100 Engineering Contractors”, “Top 100 Retailers”, “Top 100 Service Providers”, “Excellent Work Award”, “Qingshi Award” , “Jinqu Award” and “Jinyi Award”. The Technology Demonstration Award honoured products which made achievements in application and having greater potential and a broader market in the future.

Nanjing Menergy Equipment Co. Ltd. won the award due to the excellent performance of its automatic ground heat balance ground source heat pump unit. The unit optimized its condenser and control system based on heat recovery. It has three working modes: 1. Cooling mode of soil heat exchanger, 2. Cooling mode of cooling tower cooling, 3. Heating mode. In addition, based on the design principle of soil heat exchanger, working modes of the unit change automatically according to soil temperature, which makes unattended operation possible. The original design fills in the domestic blank in the area. Therefore, imbalance of soil heat is no longer a concern when choosing the heat pump unit. The system is guaranteed to operate safely, reliably and efficiently in the long term run.

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