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Summer BBQ Party at Menergy

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Recently, a traditional summer BBQ party was held at Menergy’s Canadian Headquarters. Around a hundred people from different areas were invited to enjoy the nice environment and great gathering.


Mr. Wu, Xinhua, representative of the Jiangsu Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, was warmly welcomed. As a calligraphy master, he gave Menergy a banner inscripted with beautiful Chinese calligraphy translated as Dragons rising and tigers leaping as a gift.


A famous Pipa player, Ms. Ye, Lan, together with Jiang, Tian played a wonderful Pipa tune.


Mr. Du, Yunfeng, the twelfth generation of descendants of Chen Tai Chi; the sixth generation of descendants of  Xingyi Quan and the fifth generation of descendants of  the Eight Fixed Palms performed Tai Chi Sword and Fan Dance.

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