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Menergy Won the “2018 Water Source Heat Pump Model Brand”

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On November 29,2018, HC Network and HVAC Industry Summit——“Shinuo Fresh Air Cup” of 2018, the Chinese Air Conditioning Industry Brand Meeting was held at Beijing’s Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. Experts from tradeassociations, companies, distributors, agents and major media in the air-conditioning refrigeration and air purification industry were all present.  The“2018 Water Source Heat Pump Model Brand” award winners were announced at theonsite awards ceremony.  As the largest annual ceremony in the industry, HC Network selected outstanding enterprises active in the upstream and downstream of the industry chain to set a benchmark for the industry and provide reference for industry colleagues.  Nanjing Menergy Equipment Co. Ltd. won the “2018 Water Source Heat Pump Influence Brand” award, highlighting thestrength of Menergy in the field of WSHP.


In the field of domestic GSHP, Menergy is the first professional corporation to complete a strategic layout from comprehensive system design to underground parameter testing, engineering project construction, equipment R&D and manufacturing to regional geothermal energy system planning, design and development.  Menergy has made outstanding achievements in energy saving and environmentalprotection both at home and abroad, and has become a model company for the Chinese and Canadian governments to promote low-carbon technology cooperation and promote the development of a low-carbon economy.  With its good reputation both withusersand in the industry, Menergy won the “2018 Water Source Heat Pump Leading Brand”.

Over the years, Menergy has had the mission of “advocating green energy to create a better tomorrow” and adhering to the business philosophy of innovation, confidence, collaboration, integration”.  As a green energy pioneer, it continues to innovate and develop, and gradually becamealeader of the GSHPindustry. It is at the forefront of multiple technical research fields.  Nowadays, “Menergy” has become a well-known GSHPbrand in North America, and has established sales networks in many countries and regions around the world to provide high quality energy-saving products and system solutions to customers all overthe world.

In order to create a platform for trade, display, exchange, and promote the development of the air-conditioning industry, HC Network’s 12th China Air Conditioning Fresh Air Industry Ecology Conference and Brand Event washeld.  Since the opening of the brand event, it has received extensive attention from associations, experts, and upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain.  Thousands of industry leaders have registeredand have repeatedly created attendance records.  Over the years, the brand event has overcame the challenges facing it andhas establisheda strong influence in the industry, and bringing positive energy to promote and facilitate the progress of China’s air-conditioning refrigeration and fresh air purification industry.

The event was co-sponsored by HC Network, HC Air Conditioning Refrigeration Network (, HC New Wind Network (, HC Air Net Network (, HC Refrigeration Network (, 51 FactoryNetwork,Shanghai Shino Purification Technology Co. Ltd., the China Refrigeration Society, the China Building Energy Conservation Association, the China Air Purification Industry Alliance, Thermal Energy Research Institute of Tianjin University, and Tianjin Fifth Season Environment Technology Co.Ltd. 

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