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Jiangsu Commerce Council of Canada (JCCC) Held the First Meeting of the Second Council

Number of visits: Date:2018-12-22

Toronto was cold on December 22, 2018 while the JCCC offices were warm. Some JCCC directors and members gathered together, under the auspices of President James Jiang, to have the first meeting of the Second Council.


The members passed JCCC’s regulations on membership services and fees, and discussed its recent development strategy. The meeting was hosted by executive president, Mr. Xiaoguang Xu, witnessed by Mr. Dongshan Zhao and two other non-members. Eight new executive directors were elected. They are Mr. Xiaoguang Xu (Denson Xu), Ms. Yueqing Zhang (Julia Zhang), Mr. Wanhong Xia, Mr. Shenshu Zhang, Ms. Lucy Ye, Ms. Wei Tu, Ms. Sophia Cao and Ms. Cathy Li. 

According to their work and actual situations, the former President (Mr. Howard Shen), two founding directors Mr. Xiaodong Yang and Mr. Andy Chan became permanent honorary members of JCCC, and other founding directors continued to participate in the JCCC’s daily work.


After the executive directors were elected, President Jiang immediately convened an enlarged meeting of the standing committee. Participants spoke enthusiastically, analyzed the current situation carefully, discussed the upcoming work of the JCCC and decided to initiate the establishment of eight working platforms:

1)Business Salon is hosted by Mr. Xiaoguang Xu, executive director of the JCCC. Regular working lunches will be held every month to exchange business information, promote project cooperation. Project promotion will be held from time to time.

2)Sports Salon is hosted by executive director Ms. Cathy Li. A table-tennis team, a tennis team, a badminton team and golf team will be formed which will help members to improve physical fitness, uplift spirits and make friends as well.

3)Music Salon is hosted by executive director Ms. Lucy Ye. It will hold monthly gatherings and invite both local and Chinese musicians to perform.

4)Architectural and Painting Art Salon is hosted by vice president Mr. Jin Zuo and executive director of Mr. Shenshu Zhang. It will regularly hold lectures on architectural design, painting and calligraphy; arrange visits and exchanges and set up an art foundation. 

5)Real Estate Investment Committee is hosted by executive directors Ms. Julia Zhang and Mr. Wanhong Xia. It will carry out research on the real estate investment market in both China and Canada, and promote cooperation of real estate projects inside and outside of the JCCC.



In the future, an Investment and M&A Committee, an Education Industry Committee, and a Financial Cooperation Committee will be established in due time.

Under the leadership of the president, the new standing committee will cooperate and strive to promote its three missions - information exchange, project cooperation, and friendship between Ontario and Jiangsu provinces.

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