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Members of Jiangsu Commerce Council of Canada Joined the China International Import Expo

Number of visits: Date:2018-11-8

The first China International Import Expo was held in Shanghai from November 5th to November 10th 2018. Canada was one of the twelve Guests of Honour at the Expo. Among the ten enterprises representing Canada, members of Jiangsu Commerce Council of Canada(JCCC) made up three. Industries involved in the Expo included energy, machine manufacturing, finance, education, transportation, restaurants, lumber, farm and animal products, sea products and health products.

Mr. Wu, Zhenglong (Second from left), Premier of Jiangsu Province visited Canadian Pavilion together with Minister Lawrence MacAuley (Second from right), Canadian Ambassador to China John McCallum (Third from right), Consul General Weldon Epp (First from left) and Song,Yijun (Right), Representative of Ontario Canada in China.

“The Chinese market represents a lot of demand and energy for us. It is an indispensable strategic area, and strong power for enterprises to develop fast as well,” representative of Ontario enterprises, Mr. James Jiang said when he was interviewed by China News Service. As President of Menergy Corporation and President of Jiangsu Commerce Council of Canada(JCCC), he “wished further interaction with more clients in China  so that its products and services can cover a wider range of the market.  While we try to become a leader of energy saving and environmental protection, we would also like to be compatible with Chinese strategies on  energy saving and environment protection.”


Dr. Wei, Binqing joined the Expo as the representative of Menergy Corporation.

Mr. Wang, Wentao, Premier of Heilongjiang Province dropped by Menergy’s booth.

The Expo drew merchants from all over the world, which attracted worldwide attention. Over 3,600 enterprises and 160,000 suppliers gathered in Shanghai for a lot of business opportunities. It is a good opportunity for Canadian enterprises to understand and enter the Chinese market and promote economic and trade cooperation between Canada and China. When talking about the expectation for the development of economic and trade cooperation between the two countries, Mr. Jiang said that a good relationship between Canada and China is in the long-term interest of the governments and people of both countries. He expected that the two countries will start free trade negotiations as soon as possible to accelerate economic and trade relations. It is noteworthy that the Canada-China Free Trade Forum is a brand event of JCCC. The Council makes use of its extensive  network of resources to encourage the start of the free trade negotiation based on the power of community. It supports a multilateral trading system and opposes trade protectionism.

Ms. Lucy Ye, President of Measuretech Enterprise,Vice President of JCCC and Mr. Bernard He, President of Bright Mega Group joined the Expo.

 Canadian Ambassador to China John McCallum (Middle), Dr. Wei, Binqin, the representative of Menergy Corporation (Left) and Ms. Lucy Ye, Vice President of Jiangsu Commerce Council of Canada (Right)

Bernard He (Left), member of Jiangsu Commerce Council of Canada, President of Bright Mega Group

JCCC is a federally registered non-profit organization in Canada, established in November, 2012, with its headquarters in Toronto, Canada and a branch office in Jiangsu, China. JCCC  was formed as a crystallization of the years of friendship between Ontario and Jiangsu. It aims to promote commercial and business collaborations across enterprises, organizations and communities between Canada and China, especially Ontario and Jiangsu. In addition, JCCC facilitates resource sharing, exchange of experiences and expertise, enhances mutual assistance and communication among its members.

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