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DC Inverter Water Source Heat Pump


Model MSHZR-14600/BP
Compressor model Samsung UG5T450FUBEX
Power supply 220V/1Ph/50Hz
Cooling capacity 14600W (6700W-19000W)
EER 4.56 (5.28-3.37)
Cooling input power 3200W (1270W - 5660W)
Heating capacity 16640W (7600W - 21600W)
COP 4.89 (5.63 - 3.66)
Heating input power 3400W (1350W - 5910W)
Air flow 2562 m3/h
External static pressure 50 Pa
Water flow 3.12 m3/h
Noise 43 dB(A)
Refrigerant R410A
Refrigerant amount 2350 g
Dimensions (LWH) 750×730×1560 mm
Weight 160 kg

  1. Testing conditions - cooling: DB 27ºC (80.6℉),WB 19ºC (66.2℉); inlet water temperature 30ºC (86℉), outlet water temperature 35ºC (95℉)
  2. Testing conditions - heating: DB 20ºC (68℉),WB 15ºC (59℉); inlet water temperature 20ºC (68℉), water flow: 3.12 m3/h.
  3. Unit specifications are subject to change without notice. Please refer to unit nameplates for the most accurate specifications

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