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  Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) is a financing model where the cost of an energy-conserving system is paid for through energy savings themselves over an extended period of time, rather than by direct investment over a short period of time, as is usually the case. An EPC project is overseen by an Energy Service Company (ESCO).

Types of EPC models
Benefit sharing
  ESCO funds and oversees project
  ESCO shares energy savings with the client over the term of the contract
  At the end of the contract, the client enjoys the full amount of energy savings

Energy savings guarantee
  ESCO or client funds the project
  ESCO oversees project and ensures achievement of target savings
  Client pays ESCO service fees according to terms of contract
  If target savings are not met, ESCO pays compensation to the client

Energy commissioning
  Client entrusts the ESCO with managing the project for a smaller fee
  ESCO enjoys part or all of achieved energy savings

Hybrid model
  Aspects of different models can be mixed or matched for greater flexibility

  With many years of experience promoting the EPC model, Menergy is now working with numerous financial institutions to bring EPC to its customers. Once achieved, this would bring enormous benefits to the industry.