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Ground Testing

Ground heat conductivity testing is a critical step in the design of a geothermal system, as the efficiency and reliability of the system depends largely on the appropriateness of its design with respect to the thermal properties of the ground where it is installed. For this reason, Menergy provides a high quality testing service for a well-designed geothermal system.

Menergy’s testing system features temperature sensors at 255 points for rapid testing. Its portability makes it easy to transport from site to site. Data processing is handled by PLC and SCADA software, which make scheduled batch processing of large volumes of data possible. Protection features prevent data loss from power outages. 

The ground testing process
1) A ground testing contract is signed between Menergy and the client
2) Menergy prepares a testing plan after a preliminary assessment of the site
3) A test borehole will be drilled at the site, followed by installation of a test pipe.
4) The borehole is backfilled, compacted, and left to stand for 48 hours
5) Testing equipment are brought on site and used to take measurements of the testing pipe
6) Data collected from site is processed
7) A testing report is made. The report can be used in the subsequent design of a geothermal system