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Rich Experience

Established in 1983, Menergy has over 30 years of experience and 80 patents in the geothermal industry. Menergy's first project was located on Elora Street in Fergus, Ontario. The geothermal system, designed and installed by Menergy co-founder Gary Boles in 1975, still runs today.



Menergy Innovations

Energy Pile - Instead of drilling and installing pipes over an empty plot of land, as is usually done, Menergy has the ability to integrate pipes with the building's foundation piles, turning them into space-saving and cost saving "Energy Piles". Menergy's Energy Pile system made its debut in Nanjing's Huatai Securities Plaza GHP project. At 350,000 sq m, the Plaza now has the greatest volume and highest number of energy piles of all geothermal-enabled buildings in China. It is also in this project that Menergy pioneered the out-of-cage pipe installation technique.

Compaction and Backfill Technologies - Menergy's GHP project research lab has developed new methods for borehole compaction and backfill, greatly improving the quality of our larger installations. This new technology was first used in the Nanjing Hexi Civic Center GHP project, where Menergy's engineering team installed horizontal pipes 14 meters below ground despite loose soil, a high water table, and complex geology.

Remote Monitoring and Control - Menergy units distributed across multiple locations can be remotely and centrally controlled by a computer. Each network can handle 800 heat pump units and support full automation.

WSHP control centralization - Every component of Menergy's water source heat pump system, including pumps, cooling towers, and valves, can be controlled by a centralized monitoring and control center for optimal efficiency.