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Sales Network

Global Sales Network
  With numerous sales centers in Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America, and Africa, Menergy's products can reach anywhere in the world. In China alone, Menergy has 26 sales centers and over 200 geothermal projects.


Integrated Solutions
  Unlike most geothermal companies, Menergy has the ability to not only manufacture and install geothermal systems, but also to complement them with ground testing, project design, and technical support in one integrated solution.


Support for Our Partners
  Partnership with Menergy is not just about selling a product; it’s about a long-term relationship that will yield success for both parties. As a fully integrated corporation that goes above and beyond simple manufacturing, Menergy can provide its partners with all the technical support they need to become the leading players in their respective regions.

Flexible Collaboration
  Menergy welcomes partnerships with not just dealers, but also real estate developers, banks, universities, high-tech enterprises, and more. Anyone that can contribute to and benefit from the geothermal industry is welcome to work with Menergy.