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Core strengths

Vertical Integration

 A geothermal project is a complex undertaking that involves testing, system design, equipment, installation, and maintenance. Without proper coordination between those repsponsible for each of these tasks, a project may end in disaster. The more suppliers involved in a project. Menergy provides equipment and all of the services mentioned above in one seamlessly integrated package.

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Sales Network

 With numerous sales centers in Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America, and Africa, Menergy's products can reach anywhere in the world. In China alone, Menergy has 26 sales centers and over 200 geothermal projects.

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Core Technologies  
Established in 1983, Menergy has over 30 years of experience and 80 patents in the geothermal industry. Menergy's first project is located on Union Street in Fergus, Ontario. The geothermal system, designed and installed by Menergy co-founder Gary Boles in 1975, still runs today.
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