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Social Responsibility

Our Philosophy

Menergy's goal is not only to provide products and services, but also to raise awareness about environmental protection. The company's values consist of confidence, innovation, collaboration, and integration. → More

Environment and Energy

Every system we install is one more step towards a greener tomorrow → More


As of the end of 2010, Menergy has brought geothermal heating and cooling to 6.2 million square meters of floor space, leading to electricity savings of 900 million kWh and carbon emission reductions of 980,000 tons per year. → More


See a list of our awards → More

Employee Life

A company cannot thrive without the dedication of its employees. For this reason, the welfare of our staff is paramount to our success. Menergy creates for its employees an environment of learning, professionalism, innovation, excitement, and devotion to building a greener tomorrow. → More